Isaaq Clan

Shiekh Isahaq Bin Ahmed Al-Hashimi

Shiekh Isahaq Bin Ahmed


Shiekh Isahaq Bin Ahmed was one of the Arabian Scholars that crossed the sea from Arabia to the Horn of Africa to spread Islam around 12th to 13th century  

Shiekh Isaac descended from Prophet Mohammed's daughter Fatima. Hence the Shiekh belonged to the Ashraf or Sada (titles given the descendents of the prophet).

 Sheikh Isaac married two local women in Somalia that left him eight sons. The descendents of the those eight sons are the what is known as Isaaq clan at the present time. However, the Shiek left other descendents in Yemen as well

 The origin of Shiekh Isaac was traced back Iraq. Researcher and groups such as AlAshraf concluded beyond doubt the origin and the history of Shiekh Isahaq. This research was based on the old books and scripts as well as  DNA tests carried out randumly on some his descendents

 Here is the family tree of Shiekh Isahaq as found in old records and scripts


 1. Isaaq

 1.      إسحاق

2. bin Ahmed

2.      بن احمد

3. Bin Mohammed

3.      بن محمد

4. Bin Hussien

4.      بن حسين

5. Bin Ali

5.      بن علي

6. Bin Mudhar

6.      بن المطهر

7. Bin Abdalla

7.      بن عبد الله

8. Bin Ayup

8.      بن ايوب

9. Bin Mohammed

9.      بن محمد

10. Bin Qasim

10.  بن قاسم

11. Bin Ahmed

11.  بن احمد

12. Bin Ali

12.  بن علي

13. Bin Eisa

13.  بن عيسى

14. Bin Yahya

14.  بن يحيى

15. Bin Mohammed Al Taqi

15.  بن محمد التقي

16. Bin Ali Al Askari

16.  بن علي العسكري

17. Bin Mohammed Al Jawad

17.  بن محمدالجواد

18. Bin Ali Al Reda

18.  بن علي الرضا

19. Bin Musa Al Kathim

19.  موسى الكاظم

20. Bin Jafar Al Sadiq

20.  بن جعفر الصادق

21. Bin Mohammed Al Baqir

21.  بن محمدالباقر

22. Bin Ali Zainal Al Abiden

22.  بن علي زين العابدين

23. Bin Imam Al Hussien

23.  بن الامام الحسين

24. Bin Ali

24.  بن على

25. Bin Abu Dalib

25.  بن أبوطالب

26. Bin Abdulmuddalib

26.  بن عبدالمطلب

27. Bin Hashim

27.  بن هاشم






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